What to talk about in a world where apparently everything has already been said…. From texting, to face-book to your old aunt in Detroit who refuses to die because she still has plenty of family members to gossip about.   So how about we talk about nothing…. Nothing special that is, no particular topic of discussion but simply whatever comes to mind each day.  That’s what I want this blog to be about and you could leave your comments about how much you love or hate whatever the hell we are a talking about that day or wait for it…… you could leave a suggestion on something to talk about.  Yes folks soak it in that’s what this useless space of internet would be about.  So why don’t you say we get started.

Today I want to talk about socio-internet, and it is kind of ironic that I would choose to discuss this in a blog but hey how else would we do that this day and age.

So a friend of a friend got fire from his/her job and afterwards he/she did the unthinkable to many of you out there.  She/he de-friend my friend in face-book.  Yeah America that’s what our lives have become; flashes of light produce by the pixels on our LCD’s or updating our status via our prefer 3G network.  To think that we as a society could be so hurt cause someone no longer wants us to follow every single second of their lives online.  The concept of interpersonal skills has morph into socio-internet skills.  Where how many online friends you have/posses determine how popular you are or how cool you are or if you are worthy of friendship.  This now extends to every aspect of our lives, where before you would dread a meeting at work and now your bosses criticize your work performance in net-meetings instead.  And the proverbial water cooler has now become the proverbial instant message.  We no longer even want to speak with each other thanks to texting.  The pleasures of courting someone until he/she said yes have now turned to sex-ting.

But the questions becomes are we looking to deep into this, are we knocking the socio-internet revolution the same way people knock the telephone when it first began to make strides and become incorporated into every single one of our homes and offices.  Were the same questions not raised then; that because of the phone we no longer would want to see or interact with each other, but this was not the case if anything the phone allow for a different kind of interaction which made the physical interaction easier and more approachable.  Where you would tell someone “hey I’m going to be running a little late so please don’t leave wait for me.”  Where in the past that person would think I just got stood up after 30mins of waiting for you.

But has the socio-internet become too big for our own good to intrusive to achieve the same intimacy that the telephone prior to texting provided.

That’s the question of the day let me know what you think.